M-Power Software delivers IoT solutions across multiple industry verticals and helping customers build great products is at the center of everything we do. We provide specialized solution design, System architect and build it on your infrastructure. Then we connect to the cloud and use IBM Bluemix to generate meaningful insights using data analysis and mobility solutions.

Cognitive Innovation

We start with your disruptive idea, define the simplest application that will realize the idea, jointly experiment and design the application. Next, we build it on IBM Bluemix, integrate with your existing platform and scale out the solution.

Watson Reference Architecture

Expand the value of your IoT solution by bringing them to the Cloud; we help to migrate to Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud and empower your platform by integrating existing services and system into your Bluemix catalog.

IoT Implementation

We go further and together start implementing the solution by building a proof of concept to show the value of your disruptive idea.

Do you want to connect IoT to your business?


M-Power Software can help save money and generate additional revenue by improving the decision making process at all levels while providing a 360-degree view of business insights.


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