IoT Garage

We provide IoT solutions at every level by leveraging many cloud platforms like IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google cloud platform

Hardware sensors

We start by integrating sensors like; push button, thermal sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS devices. The sensor reads the information or command and sends data to the application.



We help you identify your deployment strategy, farther we customize IoT software based on your needs.

Start developing your solution using a stand alone application or IBM Bluemix.


IoT Cloud integration

Modern day technology relies on cloud computing. We will help your business use private, public or IBM cloud to ultimately transform your business into a dynamic and progressive organization using up-to-date programs and technologies.



Adding mobility to your solution authorizes the user access to proactive information rapidly, anywhere and everywhere allowing you to immediately intervene with the given data.



Add extra value to your solution by introducing predictive analytics and machine learning to monitor data behavior in real time. This essentially drives automation to take appropriate prescribed action and calculate usage based on environmental conditions.


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